And tell us your dream drinking buddy, living or dead.

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Two things are necessary should you find yourself in a Tom Hanks “Castaway” type situation: a good drink and good company.

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Besides wondering which kind of sports equipment you would befriend, you may dream about the the cocktail you’d like to have on hand and the person you would want to pass the time with.

This may be a good question for those of us who order our same usual drink when we go out with our significant other to a bar or restaurant. If that’s you, this may be an easy choice.

The answer could be tougher for those who love to try new cocktails off the menu of a new restaurant with a new drinking companion every weekend.

However, we do know the question comes at a perfect time. We’re in a cold stretch. The latest wave of COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts just peaked. So let’s dream of warmer days ahead with a good drink and even better company.

Would you choose a classic beach cocktail like a Mai Tai or piña colada to enjoy with your best friend? Or maybe you wonder about how cool would it be to wash ashore with a few cases of Sam Adams to enjoy with Sam Adams himself? Are you hoping to wash ashore with some cases of your favorite wine to enjoy with your favorite musician? Or maybe you and a loved you’ve lost recently would be having the best espresso martini together on your new island home.

Tell us: What is your desert island drink and the person (living or deceased) you would share it with? Send us your your responses in the survey below or e-mail us at [email protected]. Your submission could be featured in an upcoming story.

What is your desert island drink and who are you having it with?


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