Working out often involves a lot of sports equipment. Instead, the JAXJOX DumbellConnect digital dumbbell set replaces 16 dumbbells to make your home gym space clutter-free. Impressively, this digital dumbbell set, which just includes 2 dumbbells, offers a weight range from 3.6 kg to 22.6 kg, allowing you to reach your goals while continuing to strive. Simply select your chosen weight with the touch of a button, and it’ll sync to the app. That way, you can track your reps, volume, sets, and workout duration with ease. Furthermore, the JAXJOX DumbellConnect is both versatile and ergonomic, making this equipment perfect for targeting your entire body. Finally, upgrade to JAXJOX Premium in the app for access to on-demand workouts for plenty of variety in your training.


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