Athletes for Ukraine e.V. also wants to draw attention to what everyone can do, regardless of whether it is an individual, an athlete or an industry. “As athletes, we have a loud voice and a lot of reach,” emphasize Felix Loch, biathlon coaching legend Wolfgang Pichler and press spokesman Jonah Werner. The most important thing now is that the war is not forgotten and that people do not become numb, remain willing to help, and continue to raise donations.

Wolfgang Pichler also finds clear words about what her association needs most now: “The short message is, we simply need money.” Everything, he says, is run on a volunteer and hands-on basis, so help arrives quickly and directly, coordinated by Olympic committees across national borders. In the process, the aid reaches the general population on site, and not just the sports community. Hygiene articles, diapers, baby food and canned goods are also still needed.


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